LEFCO Worthington distributes steel welded pallets.  Steel pallets offer a tremendous ROI for companies in the food products, storage and distribution, chemicals, and related markets.  At a price point that is less-expensive than a comparible plastic alternative, the steel pallet offers significant advantages of capacity, usability, and recycleability.

As progressive companies move towards returnable shipping applications, we believe that we provide superior products that offer unmatched durability, stability, strength, and security that are the ultimate choice for tomorrow's manufacturers.

Benefits of steel pallets:
  • Steel pallets meets ISPM #15 international shipping standards
  • Can be designed identical to a normal pallet with deck spacing or full top side coverage
  • Can be designed for pallet jack capable for flexbility
  • Cleanable and fire resistent
  • 100% recycleable - green for the environment


  • Fully Customizable and Engineered to your requirement
  • ISPM #15 Compliance for International Shipment
  • Stenciling and Markings Available

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