LEFCO is a leading manufacturer of custom wood crates and industrial wood products. Our innovative solutions provide maximum protection for safely moving your goods. LEFCO designs and engineers customized products that range from light to heavy-duty, single or multi-use, that create efficiencies within the supply chain. Our comittment to quality and customer service ultimately yield savings, improved safety and protection of your valuable products.

LEFCO WORTHINGTON produces custom wood crates and heavy duty bases for industrial customers in the following industries:

  • Defense

  • Aerospace

  • Utilities (water, natural gas)

  • Motion Technologies

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Fiberglass

  • Forging, Heat Treating

  • Metals Fabrication & Stamping

  • Machinery & Equipent Mfg

  • Technological Equipment Mfg

  • Gears Manufacturing

  • Pipe Manufacturing

  • Nuclear

  • Transportation Products

  • General Industrial Markets